ModuLine Insert Panels

Our proprietary ModuLine Insert Panels offer greater connector density in a shallow footprint. Approximately the size of a single gang plate, the mounting configuration provides ample space for 4ea low voltage connectors in a space that a gang plate would only allow 2ea. All XLR type panels (MPK, MPG, MPU) are reversible for either Neutrik® D series, or SwitchCraft® D3F connectors, and panels are available for decora style active devices as well as Extron® AAP and MAAP.

Duplex power is available for all FMCA series floor boxes, and utilizes 1ea panel space per power module used.

MPK Laser-cut for 4ea Neutrik® D or SwitchCraft® D3F

MPM Laser-cut for 2ea Neutrik® D or SwitchCraft® D3F, 1ea VGA and pilot holes for optional audio

MPP Laser-cut 1ea Decora device

MPJ Laser-cut for Extron® AAP

MPL Laser-cut for Extron® MAAP

MPU Laser-cut for Extron® MAAP and 2ea Neutrik® D or SwitchCraft® D3F

MPQ Laser-cut for 4ea RJ11 or RJ45 connnectors (Leviton QuickPort® or compatible)

MPV Laser-cut for 5ea BNC and 1ea 3.5 mm w/ color coded label

MP8 Blank insert panel

MPR Includes UL Listed duplex receptacle (120VAC-15A), cover plate & all hardware to connect to a power system. The MPR is available on the FMCA series only and is field installable.