Blanking Plates, Adaptors and Accessories

Accessories will help you get the most out of our products. You may use adaptors and hole plugs to get custom results with stock panels. The addition of the LS series adaptor creates a versatile solution for mounting the Leviton® QuickPort® series in an FMCA series floorbox. The black vinyl adaptor plate and blanking panels compliment the durable, corrosion resistant finish on the MPP ModuLine insert. The LS series is a cost effective, quick turnaround alternative to custom panels for certain applications.

HFPN Front-mount hole plug for Neutrik® position, w/ mounting hardware

HFPK Rear-mount hole plug for XLR position, w/ mounting hardware

HFPN.250 HFPN w/ 1/4" diameter hole in center

HFPN.375 HFPN w/ 3/8" diameter hole in center

HFPN.5D HFPN w/ 1/2" D hole in center

SB1 Snap-in bushing, 1"

QMA Adaptor for keystone connectors in XLR position. (Product shipped may vary from design shown)

LS2 2 QuickPort® position, black (Leviton® 41462-E)

LS3 3 QuickPort® position, black (Leviton® 41463-E)

LS4 4 QuickPort® position, black (Leviton® 41464-E)

LS6 6 QuickPort® position, black (Leviton® 41466-E)

LSB QuickPort® blank, black (Leviton® 41084BEB)

TK11 Mounting hardware for 4ea XLR type connectors