Our innovative labeling system takes the hassle out of connector designations. The clear, easy-to-read labels use a printed vinyl with a permanent adhesive and are protected from fading and scratching with a durable Lexan® overlay. Similar materials have long been used on front panels of audio equipment.

We can help you customize labels with color, logos, and other graphics, and most applications can be configured over the phone, or use our labeling templates.

LBMP for ModuLine panel

LBDP for DuoLine panel

LBFP1G for FP-1G series

LBFP2G for FP-2G series

LBFP3G for FP-3G series

LBFP4G for FP-4G series

LBFP6G for FP-6G series

LB1RU logo for 1RU rack panel