FP-6G series

FP-6G-0-B 6 gang, Black, Blank

FP-6G-0-S 6 gang, Stainless, Blank

FP-6G-12-B 6 gang, Black, 12ea Neutrik D®

FP-6G-12-S 6 gang, Stainless, 12ea Neutrik D®

FP-6G-18-B 6 gang, Black, 18ea Neutrik D®

FP-6G-18-S 6 gang, Stainless, 18ea Neutrik D®

35+ stock panel types for maximum flexibility

Attractive satin black powder coat finish on 14 gauge steel or solid stainless steel with brushed finish

Laser-cut for precision accuracy and fit

Cost effective custom panel appearance adds a distinguished look to your project

Accepts all FlexiConn series connectors (Neutrik D® style)

The FPG series combines flexibility, ease of installation, high capacity, and highest value in a full complement of stock gang wall panels.

Combine with our unique full panel labeling process to add a distinctive signature to any project.

Virtually unlimited label color choices and your custom graphics create maximum decorator options.

Laser-cut process and high strenth materials eliminate crooked connectors and warped / dented panels.

Contemporary design with radiused corners achieves a custom panel look at a stock panel price.

Scratch resistant powder coat finish ensures uniform coverage on panel face and edges.