Important note: The FMCA3300 floor box cover must be routed into the finished surface of the floor to avoid a trip hazard and install correctly.

The flat trim option is not suitable for use on top of carpet, concrete, sheet vinyl, vinyl, tile or similar hard suface materials. The flat trim option should only be used when inset into wood, grouted masonry tile, terrazzo or poured composition flooring, and intallation requires significant coordination between several trades / special care during installation to ensure a proper result. Please use the FMCA3100 with integral bevelled edge as an alternate if not routing the floor.

The UL and cUL Listed FMCA3300 raised access floor box assembly combines flexibility, ease of installation, high capacity, and long-term value in an economical floor box assembly.

Unique design and 12 gauge cover supports loads in excess of the 300lb UL standard. Ideal for classrooms, houses of worship, conference rooms, courtrooms, performance venues or anywhere connections are needed in the floor. The attractive design and finish allows for the FMCA3300 to also be used for in-wall applications.

FMCA3300 floor box assembly includes: 1ea cover, 2ea gaskets, 2ea baskets, 1ea Carrier Bracket, mounting screws and hardware.

Insert panels, duplex power option and rough-in box ordered separately.

Attractive solid brass 11 gauge cover, hand polished to a satin finish

Accepts all ModuLine Insert Panels (up to 16 XLR type connectors, active devices or duplex power)

Cable Slots allow 16 cables up to 1/4" O.D.

Flat trim installs flush with finished floor

Accommodates Decora®, AAP®, and MAAP® active devices

Concrete rated rough-in box for installation above grade