EasyMix FC8X - DSP Fader Control Surface

Simplified control of Volume, EQ and DSP functions via Ethernet

Link control values and have your EasyMix up and running in minutes!

Compatible DSP architectures:
- Biamp Tesira®
- Symetrix SymNet®

Custom program Displays, Faders, & Buttons to your DSP functions

8 Motorized Touch-Sensitive Faders

8 Full-Color HD Displays

Controls up to 16 channels (8/bank)

Customizable fader scaling


Desktop Configuration
(Rack-mount hardware planned but not yet available)


• Built-in software interface to add control values from your DSP design software configuration

• Full-Color HD displays provide:
  - Real-time metering
  - Precision level settings
  - Customizable labeling

• Up to 8 soft keys to control 16 DSP presets or logic functions

• Faders can be programmed to function as EQ controls

• Fader channel buttons are programmable to controls in your DSP

• Compatible with VESA® 100x100 mount

• Backlit LED push button switches

• Pre-configured DSP templates available
  (if applicable)

Perfect for:
  - Board rooms
  - Court rooms
  - Meeting rooms
  - Legislative chambers
  - Training rooms
  - Auditoriums
  - Stadiums
  - Event centers
  - Houses of worship