EasyMix EM12

Biamp®, BSS®, QSC®, Rane®, and Symetrix® DSP's supported; see easymix.net for details

Motorized Faders and Backlit LED push button switches

Faders, buttons and LED's can be customized to link to most DSP functions

Easy access to most system functions

Pre-configured DSP and text templates available at: easymix.net

Desktop, Rackmount, Rout in (inlaid) configurations available; optional solid oak console-style wrapper and pew back wrapper available

Perfect for:

Houses of worship
Board rooms
Court rooms
Meeting rooms
Legislative chambers
Training rooms
Event centers

Import pre-configured templates into your DSP configuration / design software and have your EasyMix EM12 running in minutes, or build your interface from scratch for a fully customized solution. Equipped with six physical motorized fader channels, two programmable backlit push buttons and two status indicating LED’s per channel located above each fader. Additional programmable bank selection push buttons and status LED’s provide up to 24 programmable virtual fader channel positions. Faders can also be programmed to function as high and low frequency EQ controls. Each fader channel comes equipped with:

1 ea. Full 100 mm motorized fader

2 ea. Programmable back-lit push buttons

2 ea. Status indicating LED’s.

Each channel’s push buttons are programmed to provide Auto Mixer on / off and Channel on / off control. Channel LED’s are programmed to indicate status of Auto Mixer highest gain and Signal presence. The Fader buttons are pre-programmed to allow bank selection of faders 1 – 6 or 7 – 12. The EQ buttons are pre-programmed for High gain level and Low gain level control of a DSP Equalization Filter. All program choices can be fully customized to your application requirements.

Eight user defined back-lit push buttons switches are available to control system selection or can be used to trigger presets. Power switch can also be used to trigger an external power sequencer, with the status LED then controlled by the power sequencer, to allow single push button control of the sound system. Power connections can be field modified via internal jumper to allow the EM12 power to be controlled remotely.

The power indicator LED can also be modified via internal jumper to accept 5, 12 & 24 VDC.

The EM12 ships with a powder coated steel faceplate and customizable text and graphics using a printed vinyl and a durable plastic overlaminate.

All electronics are rear mounted in a 16 gauge enclosure that has been certified to comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Optional console style hardwood wrapper sold separately. Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.5 x 4.25